Once a year since 2016, the Bridges Orchestra brings together professional and amateurs with and without a background of migration and seeking refuge. The orchestral concerts focus on community and are therefore dedicated to orchestral and chamber orchestral works arranged and composed by Bridges musicians for Bridges musicians. Traditional music from the countries of origin of the musicians, self-composed pieces for the Bridges Orchestra as well as classical European compositions are all part of the repertoire.

The Bridges Orchestra stands for a society that perceives migration and diversity as a shaping element and not as an exceptional situation. The orchestral sound is hence also designed as a collaborative work – at the same time giving space to the musical individuality of the single musicians. This way, we want to consciously reflect on stage what has long been reality: people, musicians, who come together and create something together, who perceive their diversity and differences as a benefit and enrichment and who show how a sustainable society can succeed.


19th of April 2016

18th of April 2017

29th of April 2018

26th of April 2019


  • Anke Karen Meyer
  • Tel: 0162 6823119
  • Email: anke-karen@bridgesmusikverbindet.de

Weitere Ensembles


Staccato Burnout


Grupo Maloka

Ugarit Band

Abbass Anoor & Band

Turnalar Quintett