A New Interpretation of Orchestra Culture

The transcultural Bridges Chamber Orchestra includes 25 musicians from around the world. We seek to expand the German orchestra culture through connection with the migrating culture of music.

The Bridges Chamber Orchestra

Founded in 2019, the Bridges Chamber Orchestra includes about 25 Bridges Musicians and their instruments from the Orient and Occident, far east, and Latin America; thereby expanding the classical European music Culture. We are a democratic and participative orchestra, where the instrumentation and repertoire depend on our musicians. We take aspects from all of the music cultures represented by the participating musicians and combine these with a classical European orchestra program, thus creating a unique fusion. Through this we learn from one another and together explore new territory. For example, as European musicians learn an Arabic quartertone scale, or as eastern musicians play a classical orchestra piece; we highlight our idea of integration. 


The repertoire is diverse and serves the abilities and traditions of all of the players. The orchestra members compose and arrange the majority of our repertoire to fit the specific players in order to bring out the different musical backgrounds of each one. While we showcase traditions, we discover new musicality and thereby clarify our idea of integration, in which different music cultures are honored and musically brought together.


In 2020, the Bridges Chamber orchestra will tour the Rhein-Main area with the concert program “Music as an Immigrant.” Centered around works that focus on music as an immigrant and exemplify how music spreads beyond  geographical borders and has developed and grown by taking up influences from other musical forms. Through this, the chamber orchestra reflects the diversity of the Rhein-Main region.


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