Turnalar is the Turkish word for crane; like a crane, Filiz Tufan (vocals), Amir Azad (tar), Julia Kitzinger (clarinet/bass clarinet), Ramin Rahmi (tombak/daf) and Anka Hirsch (cello/accordion) fly musically back and forth between the most diverse countries and continents.


In addition to traditional music from Turkey, Iran, and other countries, they play their own compositions with a very colorful sound.


The characteristic voices of Filiz Tufan and Ramin Rahmi are accompanied by the oriental sounds of the tar and tombak/daf, the rich tones of the cello, and the versatility of the clarinet.


The musicians use every possibility afforded by their instrument, and form themselves in their pieces in different combinations such as in duets and trios, always seeking to create new sound possibilities. They alternate melancholic and yearning melodies with energetic original compositions and dance-like Klezmer pieces.


Current Members: 

Filiz Tufan, Vocals

Ramin Rahmi, Tar/Singing/Composition

Julia Kitzinger, clarinet/bass clarinet

Reza Rostami, Tombak/Daf

Anka Hirsch, cello/accordion/composition

Photo: Sabine Lippert




  • Anke Karen Meyer
  • Tel: 0162 6823119
  • Email: anke-karen@bridgesmusikverbindet.de

Weitere Ensembles

Grupo Maloka

Qantara Trio



Balkan Spirit Trio




Oriental Jazz Quartett