Blue Mango

Blue Mango consists of Mohanad Almoslli from Syria, Pejman Jamilpanah from Iran and Ina Werse-Wiskott from Germany. These three creative and passionate musicians create a very own, emotional atmosphere through the combination of their styles and souls. Full of sensitivity, energy and spontaneous improvisation, Blue Mango enchants the audience and is a very popular trio since its foundation in summer 2016.


All musicians have had many years of stage experience from their home countries. With Almoslli, a famous flamenco guitarist and composer from Syria, and Jamilpanah, a well-known singer, composer and tar player from Iran, Ina Kleine-Wiskott found two confident and worthy virtuosos. The violinist herself studied composition with Heiner Goebbels and is also successful with the band “Hotel Ost”.


The “flowing string trio” performs their own compositions as well as Iranian art music and flamenco, mixed with classical European music. It cultivates the collaboration of equals, mostly inspired by a visual perception: a very special musical experience!


Ina Kleine-Wiskott, violin, sansula, glockenspiel

Mohanad Almoslli, guitar

Pejman Jamilpanah, Tar, voice



  • Anke Karen Meyer
  • Tel: 0162 6823119
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