What does our society sound like in a globalizing world? What does transculturality sound like?

The "Qantara-Trio" with oud, harp, and vocals does not allow itself to be forced into any stereotype. Their stylistic inconsistencies are the key to their music: traditional songs are placed in modern contexts, and their own arrangements of folk melodies from the Middle East and Mediterranean resonate together with European classical music.

With their music, the "Qantara-Trio" breaks down borders, makes commonalities audible and transports the audience into a rich, colorful, transcultural world full of poetry and parallels.

With their current project "Amin Amor Àmal" (faith in Hebrew, love in Latin, and hope in Arabic) they let impressions of the world religions roam through their songs and interweave musical influences from spiritual and secular spheres.


  • Anke Karen Meyer
  • Tel: 0162 6823119
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