Ensemble Kardamom


As one of the oldest spices, cardamom is found not only in Asian and Arabic cuisines, but also in our own traditions, such as holiday cookies. And just like spices, music enchants the senses of humans across borders, and makes everyday things just a little more special... 


Even more versatile than the musicians of Cardamom, is the music of the ensemble - it is spiced with sounds from Iran to Azerbaijan, Turkey and Spain, and played with the exciting combination of tar, viola, harp, and percussion.


Samira Memarzadeh - Harp

Salim Salari - Tar

Faruk Giley - Percussion

Grace Laminack - Viola


  • Anke Karen Meyer
  • Tel: 0162 6823119
  • Email: anke-karen@bridgesmusikverbindet.de

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