In Duo Flamenco, one of the few Syrian flamenco guitarists meets the fiery rhythms of the cajon. Mohanad Almoslli wasn’t only popular in Syria as a soloist, but also with his flamenco band. He is a remarkable autodidact, he writes many of his own compositions and has worked in Syria as a guitar teacher and has given many flamenco workshops. Since 2015 he and his family have been living in Neu-Anspach. Mohanad is also active in the Bridges Ensemble Trio Blue Mango and the Group Tremolo.


Salar Baygan was born in Teheran and has been working in Frankfurt as a freelance photographer since 2005. He plays versatile music from rock and pop to Indian music and Cuban rhythms. He expanded his knowledge through various master classes with Hakim Ludin, Alex Acuna, Luis Conté and Maestro Juan Bauste Granda.


Arman Kamangar has been with Bridges since the beginning and has mostly played the violin in the Bridges Orchestra, but is also an accomplished percussionist of Persian and Oriental styles (including Tobak and Daf). In Duo Flamenco, he often replaces Salar Baygan at the cajon. In 2015, he won first place in the category “rhythm” at a music and culture competition in his home country Iran.



Mohanad Almoslli, Flamenco guitar

Arman Kamangar/Salar Baygan, Cajon



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