The four musicians of the ensemble Cosmic Conjunction combine influences from their homes with other musical cultures.

The unusual instrumentation creates an atmospheric sound with Mongolian and Eritrean timbres that lead into the vast steppes of the nomads, into the Texan desert and into the vastness of the cosmos. The musicians found and got to know each other in Frankfurt at Bridges, where they regularly perform together.


Born in Mongolia, Enkhtuya Jambaldorj studied music pedagogy, orchestral music and Mongolian folk music in Ulaanbaatar. Since the year 2000, she has been living in Germany and working as a freelance musician and music teacher at a general school. She often accompanies her impressive Mongolian throat singing with the morin khuur, also known as horsehead fiddle.

Rainer Michel is a film and theatre composer as well as a versatile guitarist who has been involved as a composer in Bridges – Musik verbindet since its foundation and is known for his musical experiments.

Afewerki Mengesha started learning the traditional instrument Krar at the age of 11 in his home country Eritrea, where he also played in a band. Today, he produces Eritrean pop music as a singer and composer.

Henning Eichler tried playing the harmonica for the first time in the beginning of the 90s and immediately got hooked. This journey ultimately led him to win the German Award “Rock and Pop prize” with his formation of “Blues Blend”.


Enkhtuya Jambaldorj, mongolian horsehead fiddle, shudraga, voice

Rainer Michel, guitar

AfewerkiMengesha, Krar and voice

Henning Eichler, harmonica


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