Abbass Anoor & Band


Abbas Anoor - Rap

Simon Schumann – Trumpet

Konrad Maucher – Trombone

Leona Frech – Background vocals

Steven Nanda – Drums

Eduardo Sabella – Bass

Dennis Merz – Guitar

Abbas’s Anoor is a native-born Sudanese Rapper from West Darfur who grew up during an ethnic conflict in his region that claimed the lives of many in his family. Abbas decided to share his story as a musician and poet. In his art, he portrays in Arabic, English, French, and his native West Sudanese dialect, the every day life of those living in the conflict-ridden territories, as well as universal themes such as worth, love, freedom, and tolerance. 

His songs are inspired by the African and Arabic music culture. Since 2010, he has lived in Germany, when the oppressive Sudanese regime condemned his music and he was forced to flee his homeland. Simon Schumann now arranges the works of Abbas’s Anoor for a band comprised of six members from the Bridges Pool of musicians. The brass section includes Simon Schumann (Trumpet) and Konrad Maucher (Trombone), Dennis Merz switches between acoustic and electric Guitar and gives the pieces varying sound color while Eduardo Sabella on electric bass and Steve Nanda on drum set provide the rhythm. Abbass Rap is supported by Leona Frech and Simon Schumann.


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