Homeland Harbor – Concert of the Bridges Chamber Orchestra 

Conductor: Bar Avni

Soloist: Alon Sariel

Artistic director: Johanna-Leonore Dahlhoff 


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The Bosphorus Strait connects the two continents of Europe and Asia far more than it seems to separate them. As one of the world's most significant waterways, it provides the countries of the Black Sea - including Russia, Turkey, Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria and Georgia - access to the Mediterranean Sea. This geographically and culturally unique gathering basin is the focus of the new "Homeland Harbor" program.


At the center of the program are two transcultural chamber orchestra works by cellist and composer Gabriel Mientka: "Constantinople" and "Istanbul". Additionally, the Bridges Chamber Orchestra is collaborating with an external soloist, the mandolin virtuoso and OPUS KLASSIK prize winner Alon Sariel. Alon says, "Between 2020 and 2022, I was prevented from visiting my home country for almost three years due to the pandemic. During a concert tour in southern Italy, I was able to swim in the Mediterranean once. The realization in that moment that there was only water between me and my homeland was a thought that filled me with inner joy and new energy.”


Sariel’s main instrument, the mandolin, is of particular interest to classical music lovers around the world, made especially famous through the virtuosic concertos by Vivaldi. These are here brought to life by the rich instrumentation of the Bridges Chamber Orchestra in a completely new "color". The path of the Baroque movement in Venice will also be accompanied in this concert by exciting folk music from the Mediterranean and the Balkan regions. Together with conductor Bar Avni, Alon Sariel invites you on a maritime voyage under many bridges of different varieties and styles of music. And when it comes to musical bridges, the Bridges Chamber Orchestra is likely to become an excellent partner in the literal sense of the word. All works of the concert program were composed or arranged by orchestra members.


Alon Sariel is known for his highly acclaimed Renaissance and Baroque recordings. His album "Telemandolin" was awarded a 2018 OPUS Klassik award - as a specialist for early music. His collaborations with international soloists and ensembles such as Maurice Steger, Andreas Scholl, the Lautten Compagney, the Baroque Soloists, and many others underscore this reputation. But Alon Sariel's principle is a change of perspective with the aim of reshaping the status quo, while also creating something altogether new.


Bar Avni has been principal conductor of the Bayer Philharmonic Orchestra Leverkusen since 2021, she is a scholarship holder of the stARTacademy of Bayer Arts and Culture and winner of the of the International Kurt Masur Institute 2021. She has studied with the conductors Ulrich Windfuhr, David de Villiers, Martin Sieghart and Yoav Talmi.



  • Datum: 16.03.23
  • Zeit: 20:00  Uhr
  • Ort: Capitol Mannheim
  • Adresse: Waldhofstr. 2
  • Stadt: 68169 Mannheim
  • Preis: 1. Kat.: 26 €/21 €, 2. Kat.: 22 € /17 €
  • Link: http://bit.ly/3VfdpEv