The Bridges Choir unites refugees, migrants and resident singers – a place where strangers become friends.

The Bridges Choir is an active part of Bridges - Musik verbindet, through which it has a truly unique identity.  It is characterized by cultural diversity, musical innovation and the social involvement of its members. The Choir specializes in songs and melodies from all over the world and experiments with singing styles and vocal techniques, with or without sheet music. Not only a place for singing with artistic aspirations, the Bridges Choir is also a place for intercultural encounters.


All singers are invited – with or without vocal experience – who are interested in lesser-known choir literature from all over the world, in experimenting with the voice and in getting involved with the Bridges community. Singing in the choir is a lot of fun.  Newcomers are welcome anytime to join a rehearsal, and may decide later if they would like to become a committed member.


Leana Alkema runs the Bridges Choir. She organises the rehearsals creatively, respects the different abilities of the participants and incorporates the different musical cultures in the repertoire. She connects elements such as free improvisation and soundpainting techniques. New compositions and arrangements are created for the Choir, as well as compositions by other Bridges musicians.


   Rehearsals are currently taking place online

   For more information or to register, please contact:
   Leana Alkema


A video highlight from the Bridges Orchestra Concert, April 2019 with the Bridges choir in the piece “Bordeias, bordei, bordei”:




The choir work was funded in 2019 by the "Fonds Partnerschaft mit Flüchtlingen für eine Willkommenskultur im Bistum Limburg" ("Partnership with refugees for a welcoming culture in the diocese of Limburg") und und fimshare e.V.

Further financial support is needed for the coming season, for more information on how to support the choir, please contact Anke Meyer: