Bridges - Music connects


Since three years Bridges unites musicians with or without migration background. It is a medium where strangers become friends. Bridges is dedicated to a musical dialogue that is shaped by a variety of cultural backgrounds.  


Within Bridges we join (professional) musicians with or without migrant or refugee background. We forster the intercultural dialogue within a yearly orchestra concert, concerts of our ensembles, instrumental and choir practice, intercultural music education etc.


Since its existence Bridges joined over 130 musicians from 25 countries and played more than 200 concerts - in refugee camps, the Frankfurt opera house "Alte Oper" and for the Federal German Government. Within time Bridges gained a musical profile by combining different (music-)cultural influences of the involved musicians to shape a new "Bridges Sound".


Along with partners Bridges realizes projects in intercultural music education, e.g. with the Univerity of music and performinga arts, Frankfurt and the Ensemble Modern. Since 2016 the Bridges Orchestra is a yearly guest at hessian boradcast hall to play a concert.


Within the Frankfurt music scene Bridges plays an important role and besides it's music Bridges is also known for it's social idea. Bridges offers room for musicians of every origin, culture or religion and for everybody involved music equals home. The idea to shape our future through musicand to our diversity and diferences as enrichment keeps us together. Our musicians value the musical diversity and openess for music of all cultures, that provide room for musical imprivisation and innovation.


Next to being a musical home - especially for musicians with refugee and migrant background - Bridges is a place to find friends, getting to know germans and building an social network. Furthermore Bridges supports of questions of everyday life, work and procedures for granting the right of asylum.Through concerts and projects of music education Bridges offers work and steps in for fair payment of professional musicians.


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